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Gujarat Women’s Economic Development Corporation  

It was established in 1981 for holistic development of economically and socially weak women. It is registered under Indian Company law 1956. The initiatives include financial support, trainings, marketing support to women artisans both from urban and rural areas of the state. In order to make women self reliant so that they can contribute in the well being of their families, the Corporation provides skill development trainings. After successful completion of the same these women are linked with Banks for provision of loans to enable them in running their small business/enterprise.

1. Ghar Divda Scheme
Under this scheme, the Corporation recommends the banks of respective areas to accept the application forms of the applicants for providing them loan up to Rs. 50,000/- for undertaking economic activities.

GWEDC provides subsidy to BPL women to establish micro-enterprise. For business subsidy Rs. 7,500/- , for Service subsidy Rs. 10,000/-and for small industries Rs. 12,500/- is provided.  SC / ST are getting 40% subsidy, others get 20% subsidy, and for blind and disabled 50% subsidy is provided.

  • Under the scheme about 1137 women have been benefited till March 2012
  • A provision of Rs. 70.00 lakhs has been made in the year 2012-13

2. Exhibition cum sale:
the Corporation also provides marketing support to rural and urban artisan women through organizing various craft melas and Bazaars within (4 events in a year) and out of the State (one event in a year).

  • 5 such exhibition cum sale has been organized by March 2012.
  • Rs. 50 lakhs have been allocated for this in year 2012-13.


3. General Training Programme
For building capacities of BPL women between age group of 18 to 35 for livelihood options, training on computers, soft toy making, patch work, electric appliances repairing, beauty parlor, etc. is being provided to women with the help of NGOs. Selection criteria depend upon the geographical location of women beneficiaries and trainee’s skills. Also a stipend of Rs. 250/month is given to all trainees.

  • Total 3593 women have been trained till March 2012
  • Rs. 180 lakh have been allocated in the year 2012-13.


4. Economic Rehabilitation of Women in difficult circumstances:
under this scheme various rehabilitation options would be provided to these women with the help of different schemes of the State Government. To achieve the same various occupational trainings would be provided for their economic rehabilitation. The scheme would be implemented with the help of partner NGOs working with such women.

New Item: An allocation of Rs. 300 lakhs has been made for implementation of the same in year 2012-13.

5. Women Empowerment Centre:
the centre would be established to provide centralized space to all women associated in economic as well as skill development related activities of GWEDC. Apart from that the centre would also have facilities such as counseling, training, placement information Desk, Documentation Cell, etc.

New Item: An allocation of Rs.100.00 lakhs has been made for establishment of the centre in year 2012-13.

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