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The Government of Gujarat has been working relentlessly for empowering the weaker sections of the society. To help women in overcoming the obstacles in their empowerment through the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi, the Gujarat Government has over the years taken some landmark steps.
The aim is not only welfare but also the overall development and empowerment of women. The department not only runs various schemes for benefits of women but also plays a role of nodal agency that coordinates with all other departments and keeps a tab on how the goal of women empowerment is being achieved holistically. Various schemes running under the department are as following.

    • Multi Purpose Women Welfare Centers (MPWWCs)

From 2006-07, “the plan of a multipurpose women's wellness center has been started." District 34 Women's Wellness Center and 280 multipurpose multipurpose women's welfare center and district centers employed a total of 314.

Multipurpose Women Welfare Centers have been established at both District as well as Taluka level to provide guidance and assistance to women in their social, economic and educational as well as legal problems. To provide these services Center Coordinator, Legal Counselor and Social Worker have been appointed in each centre.
At present, 260 district, taluka and city centers are functional. All centers are linked through satellite communication medium (BISAG) and regular awareness generation on various issues and Government Schemes and capacity building related programmes are being relayed through that. Apart from that following activities are also being carried out at Centers: 
  • Career Guidance to adolescent girls
  • Capacity Building of SHG groups through line department.
  • Women Helpline Centers at District Headquarter.

District centers having budgeting of around 2.70 lakhs and Taluka level centers having budgeting of around 1.80  lakhs with 25% share of implementing NGO.

  • Till Feb. 2016 about  515511 lakhs women have been benefited from the scheme.
  • For year 2015-16 provision of Rs.857.00  lakhs has been made under the scheme.

GR and Appliction form for Multipurpose Women Welfare Centers

2. Mahila Awards

To facilitate the outstanding contribution in empowering women, Institutions and Individuals are honored by the Department. Every year one individual and one Institution are given “Mahila Puraskar” for their contribution in the field of women welfare and empowerment.

  • In year 2015-16 individual and institutional level Awards have been given.
  • Provision of Rs. 2, 00,000/- has been made for year 2016-17.

3. Implementation of Domestic Violence Act 2005

The Act is being implemented to protect women from Domestic Violence and provide her immediate relief and rehabilitation options. The State Government has ensured effective implementation of the Act by creating necessary mechanism. The Department has appointed 26 Protection Officers 289 Service Providers, 20 Shelter Homes and 59 Medical facility providing centers have been notified under the Act.

The Department in collaboration with Gender Resource Centre has organized various capacity building programmes for all implementing agencies. This has resulted in effective implementation of the Act in the State.

GRC has also carried out various awareness generation activities for wider dissemination of the Act.

  •  About 5613 cases (DIR) have been filed under PWDVA 2005 during year 2015.

 4. SWADHAR home scheme:

A. Shelter Homes Immediate suffering and oppressed women employed by the Ministry of the Interior plans svadhara Women and Child Development, Government of India for refuge. Svadhara under the plan by the Government of India. Gujarat state, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Vadodara and a total of 4 (four) working Shelter Homes. The integration of both planning and doing projects like Short Stay Homes svadhara svadhara new housing scheme has been implemented by the Government of India.

The scheme is being implemented jointly by State (25 % share) and Central Government to provide shelter to women in need. Apart from shelter this homes would also provide other necessary items to women during their stay

in year 2016-17 Rs. .648.16 lakhs have been allocated as a State contribution for establishment of new SWADHAR homes.  year 2016-17 Rs. 50.00 lakhs have been allocated as a State contribution for of  Swadhar Construction.

5 List of Family Advice center
6 LIst of Women Groups
7 Activities run by GOI grants

 5. Family counseling center:

Recognized voluntary organizations working families, Wellness Center / Women's congregation plan is transferred here from the office of the Director of Social Security Department and implemented by the Office from 2006-07 . Family Guide to women, social and legal problems, and are advised by the family advice center. Recently the family counseling centers are functioning in the State 7.

 6. Mahila Mandal:

Women are given guidance regarding employment opportunities and professional training for self- government and non-governmental sector . Women's brains are trained to women relating to education, Embroidery, etc. by the Mahdi. At present 17 women's groups are employed.

 7. Name of Scheme: - Working  Woman Hostel ( center-sponsored ):

The Government of India under the scheme run by the Working Women's hostel in Gujarat state is currently operating a total of 15 Working Women Hostel . Ahmedabad district and 2 as well as the proposals are received approval ghodasara gulabai Tekara Principal recommendation by the Government of India. So they will build two new Working Women Hostel state.

Have announced a new policy for Working Women Hostel plans to invite applications from the purview of their respective According to the new policy, and all the district collectors to announce the new policy, all the District Development Officers, the multipurpose women's welfare centers, Registrar Co-operative Societies, Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation, Gujarat State Society Welfare Commissioner has all municipal boards and paripatrita. And invite proposals from NGOs were given the news of the newspaper with the widest fame. Under which the districts are getting proposals from NGOs. According to the new policy, no financial assistance for the construction of Hostels for Working Women will be given only on government land. So different - will be marked for the main purpose of government land in different places (earmark)

Planning assistance to women victims of rape

  • Resolution No. Department of Women and Child Development mahaya / 1021010 / GOI/ 33 / A Ta. 7/1/2012 of Resolution Scheme is implemented.
  • Resolution of the State Criminal Injuries Relief and Rehabilitation is the composition of the Board (the Board) and the District Criminal Injuries Relief and Rehabilitation Board (district board).
  • District Criminal Injuries Relief and Rehabilitation Board approved the aid (district board).
  • State Criminal Injuries Relief and Rehabilitation Board (the Board) of the district coordination and review of the Board's performance. Given the amount allowed to be granted financial assistance to 1Crore state board.
District board first interim relief of Rs. 20,000 / - to Rs immediate pay more and more in three weeks. 80,000 / - to Rs assistance in getting approved by the state board of medical treatment for phased assistance, education, counseling, court costs, etc. 100,000 / - are granted assistance.